Our Company's History

Nystrom Moving was started by Orrin Nystrom in 1948 from his home in the West 7th Neigborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Since then, the company has remained in the Nystrom family and is operated by Jayne Nystrom and her daughter Emily. Three generations of Nystroms have had a hand in this company, a tradition that has enabled us to consistently provide excellent customer service and lets us maintain a relationship of trust with the people who have come to rely on us for their moving needs.

Apartment companies, realtors, builders and senior communities trust us to enhance the services that they make available to their clients and residents, and we always look forward to providing their clients, and clients’ possessions, with the best care in the business.

Our Owners

Jayne Nystrom & Emily Nystrom
(651) 224-3722 / (612) 659-7947