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Nystrom Moving is a top resource for senior citizens looking to relocate.

We're dedicated to making the moving process an easy and stress-free experience for retirees and seniors. We provide assistance in downsizing, packing, organizing, transportation, unpacking, and setting up. Our company ensures a comprehensive and compassionate service that accounts for all our client's needs.

Let us help you through this transition-book our service for a worry-free relocation.

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Helping Seniors Downsize Their Homes

Many seniors and retirees find a smaller property more suitable for their needs and comfort. However, individuals who have lived in their properties for many years may have collected many belongings that won't have room in the new place, and it can be stressful and difficult to part with them. Let our compassionate and caring team help you downsize to fit your new home.

We make the process easier by working alongside you to move the furnishings and possessions that mean the most to you to your new home and responsibly donate or gift those you're looking to part with. Throughout, we'll treat you and your belongings with respect and compassion. Nystrom Moving's specialists will engage one-on-one with you to decide what to keep, sell, or donate with the help of professional sorting, organizing, and color-coded tagging.

We'll either donate your unwanted items or deliver them to your family and friends. Allow our warm-hearted and responsive team to handle your downsizing to make the process as straightforward and expedient as possible.

Relocating Seniors with Care

If you're on the move, Nystrom Moving is right there beside you with our holistic and specialized moving services. When we help you move homes, here is a look at what the process might entail:

Before the Move

We'll create a strategic plan for your relocation before you begin moving. We'll develop a moving schedule and a personalized floor plan to assist you in figuring out the best furniture to bring to your new place. We'll then carefully pack up your treasured possessions, book elevators if necessary, and arrange for movers.

The Move Itself

During the move, we'll supervise the movers to ensure they're gentle and cautious while carrying and transporting your belongings. Once we've reached your destination, we'll unpack, remove packing materials, and set up the space to make it feel cozy and comfortable, including arranging your utilities.


After the move is complete, our professionals will shop for furniture, blinds, shelves, or anything else you may need to feel at home in the new property. We'll also conduct visits to make sure you're settling in well and communicate with your family on all aspects of the move.

Moving can be a challenging experience, especially when you've remained in the same place for a long time. Our team understands this and will offer continued support from start to finish so you can integrate into your new surroundings without any complications.

Connect with the Best Seniors Moving Company

We're committed to providing our senior clientele with personalized and compassionate service that they can count on. Whether you're making a sudden move, selling a home, or relocating to a retirement center, our staff can help you plan the move, enlist the relevant services, oversee the process, and provide emotional support.

Reach out to us at (651) 224-3722 to discuss your upcoming relocation and how we can help minimize the disruption.